Multi-Platinum Producer Dito Godwin Brings His Diverse Background Into An Array Of New Projects With Indie Artists

Multi-Platinum Producer Dito Godwin Brings His Diverse Background Into An Array Of New Projects With Indie Artists

Long before he launched his extraordinarily eclectic career as an award winning multi-platinum producer, Dito Godwin was a busy working guitarist in NYC. His first band opened for The Blues Project (with future Blood, Sweat & Tears founder Al Kooper) and his later outfit The House did a brief tour with Ozzy Osbourne andBlack Sabbath.

Those foundational experiences paved the way for Dito to work with an exciting array of groundbreaking bands and artists over the past few decades.

Starting with No Doubt's self-titled 1992 debut-some of whose Dito-produced tracks appeared on later No Doubt recordings-the list is long and eclectic, ranging from pop, rock and metal to country. Dito has helmed projects for Motley Crue, former KISS members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, Jack Russell and Great White and the late Warrant frontman Jani Lane. In the country music realm, he has worked on projects featuring the legendary Charley Pride and former American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook-and at one point represented the interests of songwriter Susan Gibson, writer of the Dixie Chicks' smash hit "Wide Open Spaces."

Never one to rest on his several decades of laurels, Dito is excited about a whole host of new projects that tap into his diverse creative palette. He often works in the studio with his son, prominent L.A. guitarist Bernie Godwin, who co-wrote with his band the Dito-produced title track "My Name Is Bruce" from Bruce Campbell's 2007 comedy horror film.

Dito recently produced recordings for two dynamic rising L.A. based indie artists, rock/soul singer/songwriter Rolan Bolan-son of late glam rock legend Marc Bolanand Grammy winning Motown singer and composer Gloria Jones-and "horror rocker" Characula. Dito and Bolan took a unique approach to recording Bolan's project, creating both full acoustic and electric versions; Dito played guitar, keys and bass on both. Bernie played on both Bolan recordings and also performs live acoustic shows with him. In addition to producing Characula's various singles, Dito produced three videos for her that are currently being edited, including one that was shot in a 1,200 year old castle in Denmark.

Dito is also becoming a prominent producer in Europe for his production work with the heavy metal band Phonomik and pop/rock outfit Substereo, who recently scored a single that reached #11 on the Danish iTunes chart. Bernie co-wrote a song with Phonomik for the soundtrack of the independent film "Murder." Working with renowned film director and director of photography Marty Julian-a onetime keyboard player and bandmate of Dito's in the band GCB-Dito shot a fascinating, emotionally compelling short film based on Phonomik's powerful song "Trench Tales," about the hell of World War I's young soldiers fighting in the trenches, focusing on young Danish boys who were forced into battle by the invadingGermans.