Miz Mandy Announces a Public Pre-release Viewing Party for Two New Music Videos at Saint Felix Hollywood on Friday September 21

Miz Mandy Announces a Public Pre-release Viewing Party for Two New Music Videos at Saint Felix Hollywood on Friday September 21

In 2010, pop singer, Miz Mandy, partnered with Los Angeles based music producer, Ryan Franks, to co-write and produce her third pop album, 'Mousetrap'. Released in November of 2011, Ryan describes the album as "a little retro, a little film score, a little sleazy, and a little mean." Miz Mandy says the new album "has a real cinematic feel. What better way to showcase the characters, stories and emotion of the album than to produce music videos?"http://www.MizMandy.com

Miz Mandy contracted with writer and director, Amelia Yokel, for the first music video project, 'Rising Sun'. Producing for over ten years with an emphasis on music videos, Amelia says 'Rising Sun' is "one of the more upbeat and carefree songs on the album. It's as though Mandy is speaking to the world and saying, 'We can do this together, don't give up.'" They began collaborating on the video over the summer of 2011.http://www.YokelPower.com

"Amelia is a woman of vision and ambition, and I loved her idea of a pied piper parade for the video," said Miz Mandy. "She was so organized and thorough, I trusted her to run with it." The video concept featured Miz Mandy, dressed as ringleader, gathering people and characters of all kinds to come together. Scenes consist of spreading the word via light signals, paper airplane invitations, posted fliers, and calling all to join by leading a parade throughout the mountains, neighborhoods and city.

They began with a treatment, bike riding practice, and focusing the costume options. "One of my favorite parts of the process was the day that Mandy and I went through the costumes in her closet." Amelia laughs, "It might not be obvious to the innocent observer but Mandy is one of those women who is a unique combination of class and whimsy. Her closet is a testament to the lighter side of her personality and what many people don't know is that the majority of the crazy costumes in the video came from Mandy herself."

Heading the production and direction of the video, Amelia gathered the rest of the crew consisting of: Director of Photography Justin Duval, Steadicam Operator Noah Dille, Camera Assistant Chris McKinley, 2nd Camera Carrie Carnivale, Assistant Director Andrew Sarno, Make-Up Laci Hill, Hair Iris Sanchez, EPK Director/Set Photographer Todd Jones.

Most of the video footage was filmed over two days in January of 2012 at four different locations in greater Los Angeles. "Amelia is such a sweetheart, that she insisted on making homemade personalized breakfast for the crew," Miz Mandy added, "[and] as delicious as her breakfast was, Amelia shined at producing and directing."