MICHAEL C. FORD'S 'Look Each Other In The Ears' Album Out Today

MICHAEL C. FORD'S 'Look Each Other In The Ears' Album Out Today

Grammy Award and Pulitzer Prize-nominated American poet and audio journalist MICHAEL C. FORD will release his new album, LOOK EACH OTHER IN THE EARS, today, June 10. The project--a stirring, jazzy post-modern look at the universe around us--features musical accompaniment from some of FORD's Los Angeles friends including ROBBY KRIEGER, JOHN DENSMORE and the late RAY MANZAREK of THE DOORS, as well as singers Angelo Moore (Fishbone),Tommy Jordan (Geggy Tah) and produced by Harlan Steinberger at Hen House Studios in Venice, CA. A video for the track "For Openers" is being shot now bydirector Peter Glantz (Wilco).

Also in the works for Michael C. Ford are a number of intimate appearances by the eclectic writer/artist including a Saturday, June 28 reading at Gatsby's in Long Beach, CA. He also has three upcoming appearances in New Mexico: June 7 and 15 in Albuquerque and June 22 in Santa Fe. See all events here:http://www.michaelcford.com/appearances/. In a recent interview withClassicrockrevisited.com, Ford talks about his whole history including experiences with The Doors, life as a writer and the challenges the modern world presents us with. Check it out here: http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/show_interview.php?id=1046

FORD first met Manzarek and THE DOORS' singer JIM MORRISON at UCLA in 1964, and, as FORD relates, "Being immediately aware of having mutual admiration for the same cultural heroes, we became comrades & confidants." He had already befriended Densmore a few years prior--they were West L.A. neighbors--as well as Krieger later when he and Densmore formed The Psychedelic Rangers. Also in 1964, FORD and Manzarek formed a local funk group called White Trash Quintet and played Beat spots around town before FORDhit the road for an Idaho poetry residency. "Upon returning to Los Angeles I looked up at a billboard on the Sunset Strip which stated THE DOORS BREAK ON THROUGH WITH AN ELECTRIFYING NEW ALBUM with familiar faces emblazoned on the sign and I remember thinking: 'wait a minute, I know those guys.'" They remained friends and collaborators. "In June of 1969, when the Doors were in full tilt" says FORD, "Jim invited me to perform with him and Robby for my first time ever on stage at the Cinematheque Theater. It was a benefit for Norman Mailer that included our UCLA poetry teacher Jack Hirschman, Michael McClure and an elite cadre of Andy Warhol film people all wrangled by Jim."

LOOK EACH OTHER IN THE EARS is the newest chapter in a diverse career that includes 20 various poetry projects, a play and six CD releases. FORD's debut audio release, 1986's Language Commando, garnered him a Grammy nomination in the Spoken Word category and his 1998 book of selected poemsEmergency Exitswas nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

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