Lincoln Center Film Society Announces RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA 2013 Lineup


The 18th edition of RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA, the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Unifrance Films' celebrated annual showcase of the best in contemporary French film, hits screens at The Film Society, the IFC Center and BAMcinématek, February 28 - March 10. French cinema is as varied and vital as ever in 2013, and the new edition of RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA covers the widest possible spectrum. This range includes grand and engaging entertainments such as Régis Roinsard's POPULAIRE, uncompromising auteurs such as Jean-Claude Brisseau and Damien Odoul, rising independent voices including Héléna Klotz and Shalimar Preuss, and master filmmakers François Ozon, Patrice Leconte, Raymond Depardon, Nicolas Philibert and the late Claude Miller.

Film Society of Lincoln Center Director of Programming, Year-round, Robert Koehler said, "This year's edition of RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA offers another entertaining and informative look at the current state of cinema by the French, with a celebration of fresh and upcoming talent behind the camera and today's prominent directors as well as a healthy nod to the film artists of the past. It is a varied and rich collection of films by a diverse group of filmmakers and actors, several of whom will be on hand for their screenings as well."

Highlights this year also include the animated feature The Day OF THE CROWS, an enchanting visualization of Jean-François Beauchemin's novel from director Jean-Christophe Dessaint and featuring the voices of Jean Reno, Lorànt Deutsch, Isabelle Carré and the late Claude Chabrol in his final film credit. François Ozon's cautionary tale, IN THE HOUSE (nominated at this year's César Awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor) features the brilliant Fabrice Luchini as a frustrated author - married to gallerist Kristin Scott Thomas - who becomes swept up in the writing of a precocious student.

This year's lineup will also include the late Claude Miller's final film, Thérèse Desqueyroux, which elegantly adapts François Mauriac's modern classic of a woman's growing resistance to her suffocating marriage, and showcases a remarkable Audrey Tautou as the disturbed titular heroine. The 1962 original, directed by Georges Franju and starring Amour Academy Award Best Actress nominee Emmanuelle Riva, Philippe Noiret and Edith Scob, will also be screened. The festival will host the New York premiere of Gilles Bourdos' atmospheric drama RENOIR, which takes place in 1915, a pivotal time for master painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his son Jean, the legendary filmmaker.

In conjunction with the premiere of RENOIR, the films of Renoir fils receive a special focus in this year's Rendez-Vous with screenings of three of his masterworks at each of the festival's venues. The Film Society of Lincoln Center will show Renoir's classic THE RIVER, his first color film, presented in a gorgeously restored print, which remains a special and deeply emotional work in The Master filmmaker's oeuvre. The IFC Center presents a digital restoration of the master's beloved satire BOUDU SAVED FROM DROWNING, one of Renoir's most innovative early works. And BAM will screen THE RULES OF THE GAME, Jean Renoir's influential ensemble drama that is perennially ranked as one of the greatest films ever made.

An exciting addition to the RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA lineup this year will be a free Convergence event, ALT_MINDS and the Art of French Transmedia. One of Europe's leading transmedia designers, Eric Viennot, will present an adventure spanning a web series, mobile applications, and live events that thrust the audience into the heart of an action-packed thriller. Made possible with support from the French Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

This also marks the second year in a row collaborating with Emerging Pictures on a select number of titles. The films will screen in venues across the country contemporaneously with their showings at Lincoln Center via Emerging's network of digital theaters. Q&A's from the Film Society venues will be broadcast live to many of those locations. Titles and schedule to follow.

"For the 18th edition of RENDEZ-VOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA Unifrance films is happy to present a rich and varied line-up", says Régine Hatchondo, Executive Director of Unifrance films. "The success of this film festival is due to the faithful New York audiences and the tremendous efforts of our partners: the Film Society of Lincoln Center, IFC Center and BAM. We would like to also thank Emerging Pictures for their initiative, Rendez-Vous Near You, bringing a select number of the films to audiences across the country."

Filmmakers and talent who will be in attendance at this years festival include - Niels Arestrup (YOU WILL BE MY SON), Gilles Bourdos (RENOIR), Catherine Corsini (THREE WORLDS), Jean-Christophe Dessaint (THE DAY OF CROWS), Jacques Doillon (YOU, ME AND US), Romain Duris (POPULAIRE), Deborah François (POPULAIRE), Héléna Klotz (THE ATOMIC AGE), Gilles Legrand (YOU WILL BE MY SON), Patrick Mille (BAD GIRL), Annie Miller (producing partner and widow of THÉRÈSE DESQUEYROUX director Claude Miller), Guillaume Nicloux (THE NUN), François Ozon (IN THE HOUSE), Raphaël Personnaz (THREE WORLDS), Nicolas Philibert (LA MAISON DE LA RADIO), Ilmar Raag (A LADY IN PARIS), Régis Roinsard (POPULAIRE), Audrey Tautou (THÉRÈSE DESQUEYROUX) and Alice Winocour (AUGUSTINE).

For the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Patrons and Members have an advance on-sale date of February 7. IFC Center Members may purchase tickets to IFC Center screenings starting February 7th. BAM Cinema Club members may purchase tickets to BAMcinématek screenings beginning February 7. General Public Tickets for the 2013 Rendez-Vous series at all three locations will go on sale February 14.

Tickets are available online for each participating venue at, and respectively, as well as directly from the box offices. For more information, call The Film Society at (212) 875-5601, the IFC Center at (212) 924-7771, or BAMcinématek at (718) 636-4100 x2 or please visit: Tickets for Opening Night at the Paris Theater will be available online at

FSLC's Walter Reade Theater's address is 165 West 65th St. (between Amsterdam
Avenue and Broadway) and the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center's address is 144 West 65th Street (between Amsterdam and Broadway). The IFC Center is located at 323 Sixth Ave. at West 3rd Street. BAMcinématek is located at 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn. The Paris Theater is located at 4 West 58th Street.

Films, Descriptions & Schedule:

Main Venues: BAMcinématek (BAM)/Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center (EBM)/IFC Center (IFC)/Walter Reade Theater (WRT)
Opening Night: The Paris Theater (PARIS)

Régis Roinsard, 2012, France, 111m
Stuck in the provinces of 1950s France, Rose (Deborah François) is taken under the wing of her handsome boss (Romain Duris) and develops astonishing skills as a high-speed typist, leading to unexpected fame. In the grand tradition of French social comedy, Régis Roinsard has concocted a scintillating entertainmenT Lovingly looking back on an idealized and innocent decade. Starring Deborah François, Romain Duris. The Weinstein Company will release the movie in July 2013.
Thurs., Feb. 28, 7:30pm - PARIS; Fri. Mar. 1, 7:00pm - BAM; Sat., Mar. 2, 7:00pm - IFC
In person: Romain Duris, Régis Roinsard, Deborah François

The Atomic Age/L'age atomique
Héléna Klotz, 2012, France, DCP; 68m
Arriving from the Paris outskirts for a round of weekend clubbing, good-looking Victor (Eliott Paquet) and his Central European friend Rainer (Dominik Wojcik) are full of self-confidence and a youthfully self-conscious hipness. But across the span of one night, their impulsive adventure tests emotional and physical limits the lads never before knew in Klotz's impressively mesmerizing feature debut. Winner of the 2012 Prix Jean Vigo. A TLA Releasing film.
Wed. Mar. 6, 9:30pm - IFC; Thurs. Mar. 7, 4pm - WRT; Fri. Mar. 8, 9:00pm - WRT

Alice Winocour, 2012, France, 102m
Based on a true case, writer-director Winocour has adapted the story of a progressive 19th century doctor/therapist and his unusual patient into a study of personal wills, hidden desires and reversals of fate. A maid who suffers from seizures is sent to a mental hospital, where it seems she'll be condemned for life until Professor Charcot finds in her the possibilities of testing his advanced notions of the sources of so-called "hysteria." Soko as Augustine and Vincent Lindon as Charcot deliver astonishing performances. A Music Box Films release.
Sun. Mar. 3, 6pm - WRT (no talent); Tues. Mar. 5, 9:00pm - WRT; Wed. Mar. 6, 7:00pm - BAM; Thurs. Mar. 7, 7:00pm - IFC
In person: Alice Winocour

Bad Girl/Mauvaise fille
Patrick Mille, 2012, France, 108m
25-year-old Louise is suddenly hit with a double dose of life-altering reality: She learns that she's pregnant and that her mother has had a relapse of advanced cancer. Justine Lévy has adapted her own novel with spiky humor and brilliance, and director Mille mines the complex family material for an amazingly wide range of tones from poignant to irreverent. Izïa Higelin, Carole Bouquet, Bob Geldof and Arthur Dupont co-star.
Tues. Mar. 5, 7:00pm - IFC; Wed. Mar. 6, 9:00PM - WRT; Thur. Mar. 7, 6pm - WRT;
In person: Patrick Mille

Boudu Saved From Drowning/Boudu Sauve' Des Eaux
Jean Renoir, 1932, France, 84 min.
Boudu (the irrepressible and unforgettable Michel Simon), a Parisian tramp, tries to end it all with a plunge into the river, only to be saved by a well-meaning bookseller. But when his rescuer offers him shelter, Boudu's anarchic charms rock the household to its foundations. Shot largely on location along the quays of the Seine, Renoir's freewheeling satire of bourgeois respectability is one of the master's most innovative early works; it remains, in The Words of critic Dave Kehr, "as informal, beguiling, and subversive as its eponymous hero." Screening in a digital restoration.
Sat. Mar. 2, 1:00pm - IFC

The Day of the Crows / Le jour des corneilles
Jean-Christophe Dessaint, 2012, France, 96m
Raised like a wild child in the woods by his bitter and fearsome father, a boy finds himself discovering the world beyond the forest in director Dessaint's enchanting visualization of Jean-Francois Beauchemin's novel. The sensitively rendered hand-drawn animation and depth of characterization seem like a tribute to the films of Hayao Miyazaki, and yet, this movie for all ages stands very much on its own. Featuring the voices of Jean Reno, Lorànt Deutsch, Isabelle Carré and the late Claude Chabrol in his final film credit.
Sat., Mar. 9, 1:00pm - WRT
In person: Jean-Christophe Dessaint

The Girl From Nowhere/La fille de nulle part
Jean-Claude Brisseau, 2012, France, 91m
Lost in a maze of his philosophizing while trying to write a book, a retired math teacher is forced to deal with the real world when he must rescue a young woman from the clutches of a thug outside his Paris apartment. What the teacher doesn't know is that this woman may be his muse, a mystical agent or an angel of death. Stars director Brisseau and Virginie Legeay. Winner of the Golden Leopard, Locarno Film Festival 2012.
Sat. Mar. 2, 2:45pm - IFC; Sun. Mar. 10, 2:30pm - WRT

Granny's Funeral/Adieu Berthe: L'enterrement de mÉmÉ
Bruno Podalydès, 2012, France, 100m
Although he made no effort to see his grandmother in her waning years, pharmacist Armand (director Podalydès' brother and co-writer Denis) must now deal with her funeral arrangements. This is awkward enough, but nothing like his emotional swings between a wife he can't quite part from and a lover he can't quite commit to, in a comedy stamped with the Podalydès brand of caustic, Gallic wit. With Valérie Lemercier, Isabelle Candelier, Catherine Hiegel and Benoît Hamon.
Fri. Mar. 1, 9:45pm - IFC; Sun. Mar. 3, 8:15pm - WRT; Mon. Mar. 4, 3:45pm - WRT

In the House/Dans la maison
François Ozon, 2012, France, 105m
Swept up in the increasingly dazzling and inventive fiction writing of a precocious student, a High School literature teacher and frustrated author (Fabrice Luchini) married to a gallerist (Kristin Scott Thomas) sees real life overtake the fiction. Ozon is at the height of his powers in this ironic, cautionary tale on the dangers of mentoring Gone too far. With Emmanuelle Seigner and Ernst Umhauer. A Cohen Media Group release.
Fri. Mar. 1, 9:00pm - WRT; Sat. Mar. 2, 9:00pm - BAM; Sun. Mar. 3, 6:15pm - IFC
In person: François Ozon