Laura Wright and Chris Parham to Perform at I LIKE MUSIC's New Concept Retail Brand Celebratory Event

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Laura Wright, Chris Parham and Paolo Morena are among the artists performing at the launch of I LIKE MUSIC's new concept retail brand where the whole product range comes with music. The celebratory pop-up event, in London's fashionable East End, will begin on Friday 6th December to co-ordinate with the live launch of the on-line store

Guests will be able to listen to decades of their favourite chart tunes spun by guest DJ's, write on an interactive graffiti wall, enjoy live performances and complimentary hot beverages, free Wi-Fi and a chill out lounge, whilst choosing from a selection of gifts such as headphones, greeting cards, t-shirts and baseball caps, all of which carry streamed compilation albums, downloaded via a QR code found on the label, including the most up-to-date Top 40.

In addition, celebrity tattooist Dan Gold, famous for his interpretation of heads and skulls, will be using body paint to brand 'willing' guests with I LIKE MUSIC's award winning logo. And, there will also be prizes to be won for those who take on the virtual Juke Box and beat the DJ.

The event marks a new phase for I LIKE MUSIC's huge library which houses a rich musical heritage of every top 40 chart single ever released at its Richmond studios. After using it to supply the BBC for many years, I LIKE MUSIC has transformed the vast collection into a platform for music lovers and a brand new way to gift and purchase music.

The CEO of I LIKE MUSIC, Rob Salter, quotes, 'We are very excited to be giving the public access to our incredible library in such a unique way and hope that our exciting range will become synonymous with the gifting and giving of music. I LIKE MUSIC products pay royalties to artists and help others for whom music is often the only way they can communicate. We are therefore proud to say that every purchase will trigger a donation to Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy.'

In addition, with 17.5 tonnes of tunes at their fingertips, the I LIKE MUSIC team have curated hundreds of playlists from which to choose and have made available easy technology allowing purchasers to create personal albums. 'Birthday Number Ones' is the first example to be launched, which enables buyers to create a date driven playlist in minutes.

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Phil Swern is the man behind the I LIKE MUSIC brand. Known as 'The Collector', Phil's incredible library (some 17.5 tonnes of music) of every top 40 release since the charts began, is the foundation of the new brand where every product comes with music.

Phil is now a radio producer with the BBC and runs shows such as Sounds of the 60's and Ken Bruce's pop master show. At the age of 21, he was making a name for himself at London's Capital Radio, where he also launched the oldies sub-station Capital Gold. Whatever your date of birth, Phil could answer what the number one record was that week and never got it wrong.

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