Lakeshore Records to Release Rod Abernethy's THE UPWARD TURN

Lakeshore Records to Release Rod Abernethy's THE UPWARD TURN

Lakeshore Records will release Rod Abernethy's new album, entitled The Upward Turn digitally on January 29, 2013. Abernethy has earned numerous awards for his video game work on such titles as RAGE, Dead Space, The Hobbit, TERA an Dead Head Fred.

Though best known for his works composing for The Game world, it was the real world that inspired The Upward Turn. "I love recording found objects," said Abernethy, "creating unexpected tones and rhythms from everyday items that aren't normally considered 'musical'."

"Many of these tracks started as a simple idea of recording a single sound of a found object and manipulating, time stretching and pitch shifting it. Then I layer these sounds with acoustic and virtual software instruments," Abernethy described.

Award-winning composer and musician Rod Abernethy crafts authentic and memorable music scores for visual media including video games, advertising and television. His rich musical repertoire encompasses traditional acoustic and ethnic scores, unique hybrid soundtracks fusing electronic and organic elements, as well as dramatic music written for orchestra and choir.

Abernethy's music-for-picture traverses multiple genres while maintaining an authenticity, originality and Integrity which he customizes for each project. He is perhaps best known for his acoustic and electronic instrumentation combined with cinematic scoring. The dark, action-orchestral score for RAGE (Bethesda Softworks). The edgy, action-driven score for WHEELMAN (Tigon Studios) Starring Vin Diesel immerses players into the Barcelona setting with flamenco orchestrations. The eclectic and sublime atmospheric score for DEAD HEAD FRED (Soundtrack available on iTunes), inspired by the game's 'twisted noir' setting, blends cinematic orchestrations with a dark panorama of jazz, southwestern guitar, ambient, rock fusion and other seemingly disparate music styles into a cohesive and alluring listening experience. The critically acclaimed score for THE HOBBIT, combining traditional Celtic music with sweeping orchestra, won G.A.N.G.'s Best Soundtrack Award.