Keith Urban Announces Launch of New Groundbreaking Mobile App

Keith Urban Announces Launch of New Groundbreaking Mobile App

Fanfare Entertainment, LLC announces the launch of the groundbreaking Keith Urban mobile app. Built on the unique modular mobile platform and exclusive business model from Fanfare Entertainment LLC, the Keith Urban app offers fans the "ultimate experience" in fan engagement through entertainment, gamification, fan-directed personal videos from the artist, virtual currency, raffles, contests, etc., as well as exclusive concert tour functions that have not been seen before. The Fanfare model provides an experience wherein the fan literally "feels" that he/she is personally engaged as part of a special community with numerous opportunities to feel more connected to their artists / brands than ever before.

The app also generates new revenue streams in ways other apps simply do not. Unlike other mobile apps formusicians and artists, the new Keith Urban app is one of the first to fully incorporate virtual currency as akey element toenhance fan engagement and entertainment while creating new revenue streams. In addition, the app has a fully integrated transaction engine both for the sale of musicand branded merchandise, specialmember's only content, and a number of compelling tour elements notseen before.

"I've heard countless technology pitches claiming to do what Fanfare did with the Keith Urban app. These guys understand how fans think, and how to leverage technology to deliver a better in-app experience while generating additional revenue streams.This, plus a great business model, make them the rockstars of fan monetization," said Gary Borman, CEO of Borman Entertainment whose companies represent Keith Urban, Alison Krauss, Lady Antebellum, Michael Franti, My Morning Jacket, and others.

Cameo Carlson, Head of Digital Business Development at Borman Entertainment, agrees. "This is a game-changer for artist apps. This app is more than just a website on your mobile device. It takes advantage of all the activity around an artist, regardless of the album or tour cycle, and gives fans a place to play, engage and consume a range of art and content that keeps them coming back."

"Fans are loyal customers and brand advocates, whether you're talking about Keith Urban, sports teams, traditional brick & mortar companies, or celebrities," said Lance Kelly, Co-Founder and CEO of Fanfare Entertainment, LLC. "If a brand wants to develop a stronger relationship with their "fans," we're all over it. Our mobile app delivers exclusive fan content, games and a chance for fans to feel closer and more connected to Keith Urban. When the fans have fun, everyone wins."

Founders Lance Kelly and Raymond Hart have successfully done what many other high tech start-ups have failed to do - to effectively engage and monetize brand fans, in order to generate new revenue streams. The company has attracted some of the best talent in Silicon Valley and the music and consumer products industries including designers and engineers from Zynga, Pogo, and EA, along with an experienced Board of Advisors comprised of celebrated individuals with lengthy backgrounds from A&M Records, EMI Music, Hallmark and more, and led by Michael James Jackson. Jackson has been a successful entertainment executive and corporate consultant for over 25 years whose credits as an award-winning record producer and music supervisor for film earned him seven gold and five platinum record awards.