Kaskade to Release New Single 'Summer Nights' Ft. The Brocks, 8/26

Kaskade to Release New Single 'Summer Nights' Ft. The Brocks, 8/26

Today, multi-Grammy nominated artist and America's Best DJ title holder, Kaskade, announced that he will be releasing his latest single "Summer Nights" featuring indie electronic band The Brocks on August 26th with the single available now for pre-order on iTunes.

The kingpin headliner of electronic music festivals was tasked by Insomniac to score its documentary, "Under the Electric Sky." Since the tracks debut at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, "Summer Nights" has been a widely anticipated song by the film's audiences, as well as electronic music fans around the world. Known for discovering and collaborating with under-the-radar talent, Kaskade tapped The Brocks to create the musical mood for the film. The new found relationship led to the films seminal opening track.

"Summer Nights" takes the listener on a journey through the passing of summer, with a unique and vibrant mix of guitar acoustics and indie vibe that gives fans an unparalleled emotional connection. It embodies the euphoria of summer, married with the moodiness of the autumn months. With a smooth vocal insisting "I wanna go back," this is the track that's poised to be the anthem of transition, easing its listeners through the transformation of the seasons.

"Summer Nights" is available for pre-order today on iTunes.com and will be released on August 26th on www.iTunes.com.

In addition to the release of "Summer Nights," Kaskade continues to entertain the masses at Marquee's day and night club in Las Vegas with his 70s inspired Summer Lovin. He will close out the season with festivals such as Electric Zoo, TomorrowWorld and Ultra Japan.