Jihae to Release ILLUSION OF YOU, Fall 2014

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Jihae to Release ILLUSION OF YOU, Fall 2014

South Korean born, New York by way of Nigeria, Sweden, and UK, the multi-talented Jihae has been pouring her soul into on her upcoming release, Illusion of You (Fall, 2014). Building on the experimental textures that have been the bedrock of her prior three records, Illusion of You is a groundbreaking offering with poignant and melodic hooks and fast-moving numbers that propel the album forward.

The new album features a co-write between Jihae, Leonard Cohen, and Dave Stewart (also the executive producer) on an epic orgasm-themed song called "It Just Feels." LA band Nightmare and the Cat are also guest artists featured on the album.

Illusion of You is the most refined evolution of Jihae's musical aesthetic, with its ethereal melodies, grounded vocals, and punk rock grit. The album uses a sense of magic to conjure a dreamworld that propels the listener on a journey through mystical places filled with rhythm and sound. Illusion is the theme of the album, and together the songs explore the contradictions of everything from individual identity to societal assumptions and environmental mistakes. Jihae's voice is a container for the meaning and beauty in her songs.

Stewart describes her, "Like Bowie whispering secrets to the Velvet Underground." Jihae has opened for Sonic Youth, Lou Reed, and has collaborated with Michel Gondry, Marco Brambilla, among many other stellar artists.

She is extremely active with charities and raising awareness for many causes, including playing for Willie Mae Rock Camp, Acumen, The United Nations, Hillary Clinton's 2012 Hours Against Hate, and others.

Illusion of You is a grand step forward for Jihae. It will be released in Fall, 2014.

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