JERSEY BOYS Songwriter Denny Randell to Be Honored at The Pentagon

JERSEY BOYS Songwriter Denny Randell to Be Honored at The Pentagon

GI Jams founders Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers have been invited by Marine Col Joseph Krumm to The Pentagon at the United States Department of Defense in Arlington, Va. for a special presentation of honor on June 14, 2013.

GI Jams ( brings the musical talents of hundreds of veterans and active duty soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and National Guard members to the forefront and showcases and promotes the original songs and performances of active and retired military musical artists, all branches, ranks and rates. It also provides the opportunity for them to sign up and have their own profile pages on, featuring their bios, pictures, blogs and music, with 100 percent of the download profits going to the artists.

Randell and Schippers have been longtime supporters of those who serve in the military and had wanted to find a special way to give back. As they say in their site's mission statement: "While we can never repay them, each of us can certainly do our part to help and support them. One great way to do this is to give those in our military who are musically talented the opportunity to be heard and the chance to realize financial gain from their music and talent and maybe even go all the way." The first GI Jams Records compilation project was released in partnership with Rhino (Warner Music Group). GI Jams, Vol. 1: The Original Music Of Our Military Artists features 14 tracks by eight of the site's most popular artists and bands. The album, which also includes two "Battlefield Music Videos" made from footage shot from active duty positions in Iraq, will now be available in all U.S. Marine stores.

Schippers says, "We are thrilled that the GI Jams Compilation album that we are so proud of will be in the U.S. Marine stores."

Separately and as a creative team, Randell and Schippers have a wealth of history in many facets of the music industry. Randell, a renowned songwriter, producer, artist and arranger/programmer, has had over 45 of his songs reach the Billboard charts, including "A Lover's Concerto" by The Toys, "Native New Yorker" by Odyssey (featured on "Sex and the City's" last season on HBO), "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" by Smash Mouth and hits by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, three of which are featured in the Tony Award winning show "Jersey Boys," including "Working My Way Back To You" and "Let's Hang On." Other artists who have recorded songs penned or co-written by Randell include Quincy Jones, Diddy, Barry Manilow, Diana Ross, The Spinners, The Monkees, Busta Rhymes, the Star Wars Cast and Penn Jillette. His songs have sold over 200 million records and he is a 2011 nominee to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.