Hollow & Akimbo Com Truise Remix Drops, Debut LP Out 2/11

Hollow & Akimbo Com Truise Remix Drops, Debut LP Out 2/11

Hollow & Akimbo construct a peculiar brand of cerebral electronic pop. With gritty textures layered over intricate arrangements, combined with a special blend of looped rhythms, the duo- Jon Visger & Brian Konicek- have created a collection that is difficult to categorize. Hot on their heels of their Pseudoscience EP, Hollow & Akimbo have announced their self-titled debut LP, which drops February 11th via Quite Scientific Records. They will also release their Singularity remix package, featuring Com Truise, Osborne and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on January 28th.

On his remix, Com Truise replaces the deliciously fuzzy guitars of the "Singularity" original with intricately textured atmospheric & pulsing beats. Complete with Visger's earnest, yearning vocals, it's a high-powered trip into the depths of space! The "Singularity" (Com Truise Remix) premiered with XLR8R, and is available to post & share HERE. You can also hear the original "Singularity" album track where it premiered with NPR's WNYC. We encourage you to post and share.

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the band, the debut LP also includes "The One Who Has to Carry You Home," which further showcases the duo's skill at creating pop songs with a unique electronic-meets-rock edge. The layering of acoustic & electric guitars on the track, complete with bouncy, upbeat vocals, makes for yet another distinctive cut.

Recording together at home in basements, bedrooms, attics, and closets,
Hollow & Akimbo have amassed an ever-evolving archive of musical snippets,
song fragments and a fair share of noisy four track experiments. Stay tuned for more from Hollow & Akimbo coming soon!

Hollow & Akimbo LP tracklist:

  1. Trunk of a Dead Tree
  2. Singularity
  3. Fever Dreams
  4. Still Life
  5. Door to Another World
  6. Molecule
  7. The One Who Has to Carry You Home
  8. Did You Lie
  9. Lucky Stars
  10. Instead of a Head

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