Frank Ocean Has 10, 11 Songs Done For New 'Concept Album'


Grammy Award-winning rising R&B/rap superstar Frank Ocean is set to defy expectations yet again with his follow-up to the best-selling CHANNEL ORANGE, according to a recent interview on UK radio.

Ocean tells the BBC that he is well on his way to completing a new "concept album" - as far as "10, 11" songs deep thus far, actually.

In describing the scope of the project and how it will function as an audio experience, he compares it to establishing the theme of CHANNEL ORANGE. Ocean says, "It's another cohesive thing, bordering on a concept record again."

The Neptunes mega-producer Pharrell Williams and past Ocean collaborator Danger Mouse both are expected to provide production for the forthcoming release, as well, which does not yet have a release date set.

Yet, at this rate, it could be out by the end of the year! We will have to wait and see.

Also, it was reported earlier today that Depeche Mode's Martin Gore also contributed to a track on the album, according to EW's report here.

Listen to the entire BBC interview with Frank Ocean by Zane Lowe here.

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