ActorQuest - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bway 14

In November, Kristin Huffman made her Broadway debut as Sarah (flute, piccolo and sax) in John Doyle's production of Company.  The actress continues her collection of stories about a 15-year career that has led her to the door of the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.

Given that this week included April Fools Day, (loved Craig Brockman's funny April Fools story here on BWW about Raul's 'new' show!)  I have my own to share with you from last year!

OH and here is some advance notice for you.   I will be doing at Cabaret at ARS NOVA in NYC on May 7th, Monday night (our only night off from COMPANY) AT 8PM.  You can get cheap 15 dollar tix on under 'Broadway Spotlight'  and then my name.  Some of my COMPANY castmates will be featured, including Matt Castle, who will be my accompanist/antagonist, Kelly Jeanne Grant, as my 'hostess' and Rob Cunningham on percussion and backup vocals. There may be some 'guest stars' as well.  


You know, I never appreciated this fun day until this year.  All those silly pranks seemed so pointless to me, but I have a new found respect for April 1st and I'll tell you why.  THIS year it fell on a day that I am bombarded with a fistful of piano students from about 3pm until 6pm. I did not know that you could use the words "APRIL FOOLS" as a way to state your real feelings for someone and then pretend to negate it all by shouting those words at them.  It was a fun day for me.

I must credit Julia, my first student, as my mentor and inspiration, because she walked in and stated "OH NO, I left my piano books in my mom's car."  After a beat, in which I reacted with an irritated sigh she yelled "APRIL FOOLS" and whipped her book out of her shirt.  I decided to play back and said, "Aren't you the clever little witch?"  I followed her style by waiting for the reaction, which was a look as if to say, "did she say witch or bitch?" and then before she could figure it out I said, "APRIL FOOLS".  And we both laughed.

How WONDERFUL!   So I kept it up throughout her lesson.  The art of it is to wait for the reaction and THEN yell the negation words.  I couldn't wait until my next student arrived to try it out so I kicked Julia out five minutes early.   As Kelly walked in the door, I said "Your mere presence irritates me".  Wait for the reaction...which was a stunned look accompanied with a slight misstep and then ..."APRIL FOOLS".   How cool is this holiday???