The Sea The Sea in Concert at Spire Center for Performing Arts on 4/12

The Sea The Sea in Concert at Spire Center for Performing Arts on 4/12

Plymouth's Spire Center for Performing Arts presents critically acclaimed singer/songwriter duo The Sea The Sea in concert, with popular local opening act Carly Tefft on Saturday, April 12, 8 pm at 25 ½ Court Street, Plymouth. The concert is a featured event in their 2-month long opening celebration of concerts, performances and Plymouth's first ever Plymouth Rock Assurance Jazz Festival.

Singer/songwriter duo's Chuck E. Costa and Mira Stanley have a folk/pop/indie sound heard in lyric-driven, simple, true songs that delight the senses on their debut album "Love We Are Love". Together, they explore their unfolding future through sincere, storyline lyrics, intimate harmonies and emotive sonic landscapes.

The Sea The Sea implores the listener through beautiful tunes and connectedness, woven through an unmistakable, magnetic sound, reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel. The duo formed in the fall of 2011, already seasoned musicians in their own right. "We had both just gone through major upheavals in our lives," says Mira, "And we were ready to test our faith in what was possible - in our art and in the world." They borrowed their act's name from Xenophon's Anabasis, the ancient tale of Greek soldiers returning to their coastal home after a long arduous battle inland. "The Sea! The Sea!" is a cry of joy.

The album, released just last month, has already received praise from media greats including NPR, American Songwriter and No Depression for their honest and ethereal sound. Costa and Stanley accompany each other with electric/acoustic guitars, the occasional banjo, piano, and percussion, but it is their rich vocal harmonies that provide the depth to their songwriting. Two perfectly matched voices share back-and-forth conversations through the song's characters, other times the exchanges of one mind, weighing a decision, analyzing the moment, and trying to find answers.

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