TROUBLE IN THE HEIGHTS Premieres at NYC's United Palace Theater Tonight

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Cast: Rayniel Rufino, Raúl Esparza, Luis Antonio Ramos, Antonio Ortiz, Alexandra Metz, Olga Merediz, Cruz Santiago, Pablo "International P" Gonzalez, Kareem Savinon and Dominic Colon among many other talented actors.

Plot: It begins one night under the great expanse of the George Washington Bridge. Javy and his friend Robbie are two adolescents growing up in the predominantly Dominican neighborhood of New York's Washington Heights. The boys have no idea what lies ahead when they bury a trash bag stuffed with drug money under the Bridge. What is set in motion is the story of two brothers, Javy and his older brother Diego, and the thugs who want their money back. A mild-mannered prep cook, older brother and de facto parent, Diego must look danger in the face to protect his small but growing family from a merciless drug kingpin seeking revenge. As fate looms and day becomes night, Diego turns to an old neighborhood friend with shady connections to help him out of this perilous mess. The events of the night ultimately lead him to the decision that will change more lives than just his own.

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About The United Palace - The building was originally opened in 1930 as the Loew's 175th Street Theater at 4140 Broadway, presenting vaudeville and "motion pictures." With its spectacular Thomas Lamb design, described by some as "Cambodian neo-Classical," it was the last of the five Wonder Theatres to be built in the Metropolitan area. In 1969, when many of the city's grand movie theatres had been demolished or turned into multiplexes, the Palace was purchased, and preserved, by Reverend Ike for his church. In recent years the Palace has hosted some of the world's top rock and Latin acts and been used for commercial, television, and movie shoots. The United Palace of Cultural Arts (UPCA) was incorporated in 2012 as a nonprofit arts and cultural center. It is located at the United Palace, which also houses United Palace Cathedral and United Palace Theatre.

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