Patricia Kelly Presents GENE KELLY: THE LEGACY at Symphony Space Tonight

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Patricia Kelly Presents GENE KELLY: THE LEGACY at Symphony Space TonightHistorian and executor of the Gene Kelly Estate, Patricia Ward Kelly, will return to New York City to present her fascinating solo show Gene Kelly: THE LEGACY tonight at Symphony Space - an encore presentation of the previous two sold-out shows Kelly introduced at the Academy Of Motion Pictures at Lincoln Center in NYC.

The official description of Gene Kelly: THE LEGACY is as follows: "Mrs. Gene Kelly (Patricia Ward Kelly) who is also a professional biographer and film historian, will take the audience behind the scenes and share an intimate story of her late husband Gene Kelly, the man who helped create some of the most memorable scenes in film history. This unique performance combines rare and familiar film clips, never released audio recordings, memorabilia, and personal insights culled from hundreds of hours of interviews with her husband. Mrs. Kelly, whose presentation has been described as "mesmerizing," reveals a very personal side of this American legend and his perspective on the innovative work for which he wished to be remembered."

Also, according to the official site, "The mission of Gene Kelly: THE LEGACY is to continue to inspire the next generation of artists, filmmakers, dancers, choreographers, and musicians."

More information and tickets to GENE KELLY: THE LEGACY tonight, July 9 is available at the Symphony Space site here.

For even more information, visit the official site here.

Visit the official Gene Kelly site here.

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