Filmmaker Blaine Tucker Debuts At South By Southwest

Filmmaker Blaine Tucker Debuts At South By Southwest

During the massively popular South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive media and music festival, aspiring avant-garde filmmaker Blaine Tucker will be debuting his first film, "Police Riot Alive" starring Cary Taylor.

According to Tucker he chose to debut at SXSW because he believes that festival attendees are likely to be the kind of people that will appreciate his film work.

"I don't try to make my films easy to consume," says filmmaker Blaine Tucker, "It takes some effort to watch my work, and I think that the people who come to South By Southwest are more likely to want to put in that effort."

Tucker describes "Police Riot Alive" as a non-linear vision of internal totalitarian psychology.

"Police Riot is a glimpse of the shift that is happening insidiously in the minds of most individuals in the Western world. They say that the best slavery needs no chains, and I think that is where we are headed."

Blaine Tucker claims that William Faulkner is one of his primary inspirations as a filmmaker, despite the fact that Faulkner never produced a film.

"When you look at any one scene of my film, it may not make complete sense, but as the many seemingly nonsensical scenes come together, a larger picture emerges. I'm attempting to mimic Faulkner's storytelling style in a different medium."

The screening of Blaine Tucker's film "Police Riot Alive" will take place at the Handlebar on East Sixth Street in downtown Austin during the 2014 SXSW festival.

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Filmmaker Blaine Tucker Debuts At South By Southwest

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