Fanhattan Launches Online with More Than 1 Million Movies & Shows

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If you're looking for ideas of what to watch, there are several ways to discover new movies and shows in Fanhattan. Fanhattan Voice, the company's entertainment magazine, presents the latest news, celebrity interviews, reviews, box office takes, opinions, commentary, and trends to satiate your Curiosity and spark your imagination. Starting today on both web and iOS, you can also create, name and share your own personal Fanhattan lists. Plus, if you log in with Facebook, you can check out what your friends have seen, liked or added to their lists.

So whether you know what you're looking for, want suggestions from experts and friends or like to share your own recommendations, you can get everything in one place on Fanhattan. To join the beta simply sign-up with us and we'll send you an email invite when we're ready for you. If you've already signed up or are a Fanhattan for iOS user, check your inbox for an invitation.

Fanhattan is the simplest way for people to discover, watch and share the movies and shows they love. Fanhattan is available on the Web and through its award winning iOS app, giving consumers an easy way to discover more than one million movies and shows. With Fanhattan, consumers have everything they need to find and watch - including a cross-service search engine and universal WatchList that brings together 29 entertainment services, as well as critics reviews, friends' recommendations and a daily magazine.

Founded in 2011, Fanhattan is based in Silicon Valley and backed by the investors behind Tivo, Netflix and Sonos. For more information on Fanhattan please visit and connect to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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