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FROZEN's Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Bobby Lopez React to OSCAR Nomination

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FROZEN's Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Bobby Lopez React to OSCAR Nomination

In an interview in today's Entertainment Weekly, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez (Avenue Q, Book of Mormon) reacted to this morning's announcement that their tune, 'Let It Go', from the Disney hit film FROZEN received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

Joked Bobby, "We're on totally different coasts right now. I think I might have been woken up by Kristen screaming across the coast." Added his talented wife and writing partner, "We have an 8:30 school drop-off for my two daughters. I had asked my four-year-old, who usually has a tough time at drop-off right now, if she would be okay with just doing the usual-we hang up the coat, we kiss goodbye so mommy can go back and watch the show to see if she got a nomination. And my four-year-old was so down with it! She did it and then I ran out of that school and I ran home and I turned on the TV like thirty seconds before they announced it."

The couple's two daughters, who both sang in the film, served as an inspiration. "We made it for them," said the proud father. "We worked on it because of them and we shared our experience with them as we were working on it. Every song we wrote, we would play for them, just to see if it was good enough to make them ask to hear it again. And we really were doing it for them."

Agreed Kristen, "They feel a part of it. They definitely felt this morning like it was our 'team' that was nominated."

The Book of Mormon composer explained that writing the song with Broadway super star Idina Menzel in mind was a huge bonus. "To be able to write with her voice in mind was just a huge gift. Idina's voice is iconic and it's got this built-in duality to it, the low range of her voice has this beautiful, fragile quality, and obviously as she gets higher and higher, she gets stronger and stronger, and it's such a dramatic voice. And so we were able to craft the song around different parts of her voice, and it all wrote itself pretty quickly because we had such a clear map."

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