Warren Steel Debuts with 'FELIX - Memoirs of a Cat Burglar'

Warren Steel Debuts with 'FELIX - Memoirs of a Cat Burglar'

From author Warren "Stainless" Steel comes "FELIX - Memoirs of a Cat Burglar," an imposing work of fiction about a bored real estate salesman who, for a thrill, decides to enter the unsavoury life of a cat burglar. Readers can follow this daredevil as he learns the intricate technique of breaking into homes and then achieves the maximum profit from his spoils: a thrill-seeking experience.

From the social heights of Sydney Eastern suburbs to the bikie dens of the west, from the harbour view penthouses to suburban bungalows, Felix has seen it all and taken on all the challenges. Driven by a need for an adrenaline rush this modern day, this cat burglar will take on any obstacle to avoid the mundane life. Gold bull statuettes, diamonds, jewelry, art work, and even stamps, nothing is off limits to Felix's discerning eye and dexterous skills. Even cash is taken with glee if it happens to be there - but he only takes from those who can afford to be relieved of their ill-gotten excesses.

Being shot and sewn up by a vet, pub brawls and stoushes with detective sergeants, eye to eye with Great Dane "guard" dogs and gays with guns, Felix takes it all in his stride. The darling of high society and the gay community Felix mixes comfortably in all levels of society. With his mates Hollywood, Bluey and Dasher the copper none of whom have a clue about his nefarious, nocturnal activities. Even his sweetheart Mickey does not have a clue. Felix leads the ultimate double life.

Climbing from balcony to balcony 22 stories above the ground, crawling through ceilings is all part of a day's work. These activities will have readers with sweaty palms as Steel weaves his web of danger, intrigue and mystery from this testimony from a real professional.

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