Valerie Willis Releases First Fantasy Novel

Valerie Willis Releases First Fantasy Novel

New author, Valerie Willis, announces the self-publication of her first novel,
'Cedric the Demonic Knight.' The fantasy romance novel follows Cedric and his companion, Angeline, on a medieval adventure that leads them into several epic battles with werewolves, chimeras, and demons. Readers can expect a romance story that lacks the typical feel of other love stories as Cedric fights against his feelings and does everything he can to not fall in love.

"I wanted to remind everyone that today's Vampire and Wizard novels are nothing compared to the original lores that started it all," says the author, Valerie Willis.

The novel does not read like a historical fiction, but the author has taken the time to dig deep into forgotten legends and history taken from the 12th Century and older. Expect unique concepts and creatures based on her research as she weaves her own interpretations into the mix. 'Cedric the Demonic Knight' can be found in Kindle and Paperback format on You can also find her paperback available online with venues such as Barnes & Noble.

"Valerie Willis leads us on an action-packed, twisty-turning fantastical adventure rich in imagination, adventure, mystique and very unique characters ..." states one 5-star Reviewer from

Another 5-Star Reviewer from Amazon UK ( declares, "It was a delight to read about a demon as opposed to the vast amount of vampire books out there."

Fans can find links to 'Cedric the Demonic Knight' and its Author, Valerie Willis, on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Valerie_Willis). Upcoming novel projects and current events can be found both on her Author Site ( and her Blog (

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