UUA Bookstore Presents Ron Cordes' Unitarian Universalist History DVD Series

UUA Bookstore Presents Ron Cordes' Unitarian Universalist History DVD Series

Ron Cordes, a Unitarian Universalist in Bedford, MA, has created a six-DVD series tracing UU history from early Christianity through the present day. Newcomers and lifelong UUs will learn something from this wonderful resource, described in UU World as one of the most important video resources for teaching and learning UU history.

Part I examines the early roots of religious thought from the early Christian era through anti-Trinitarian thought and the Council of Nicea to the work of Michael Servetus.

It makes the case that there were two Reformations in the 16th century: a theologically conservative one catalyzed by Martin Luther and a liberal one based largely on the works of Servetus.Purchase today.

Part II explores how the ideas of Servetus and others came together in the mind of Dávid Ferenc in Transylvania and led to the formation of the first coherent Unitarian theology.

It documents these early influences on English religious liberals which helped form organized English Unitarianism. It concludes with the emigration of Joseph Priestley from England to America in 1794. Purchase today.

Part III covers the development of Unitarianism in America through 1860. It tells the story of the final split between the Unitarians and the Trinitarian Congregationalists in the 1820s and revisits the Arian/Socinian fracture that played out here.

It also explores the Transcendentalism of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Theodore Parker. Purchase today.

Watch a video clip from Part III of the video series. In it, Ron Cordes highlights the important role--more important, he argues, than Ralph Waldo Emerson's--that Margaret Fuller played in introducing Transcendentalism into Unitarian thought in the 19th century.

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