Tommy, Madeline Reddicks Release New Book on Riddles

July 24
10:01 2014
Tommy, Madeline Reddicks Release New Book on Riddles


Cracking codes and riddles can lead to opening up the mind. That's the premise behind this new book by a father and daughter designed to bring out the "inner genius" in everyone. They mix word play, context clues, math problems and codes to create mental puzzles that must be deciphered before readers can solve each riddle, creating a cycle of addictive mental challenges.

"The Insane Riddle, Code, and Secret Math Book" hides the answers to riddles behind codes and ciphers, guiding readers to open their minds and fully explore their creativity. Although math becomes the main tool to decrypt most of the book's 200 riddles, vocabulary and pictures also play a role. Featuring 100 vocabulary words, 300 progressive math problems, 20 answer worksheets, cipher matrixes and code-making tools, the book is aligned to Common Core state standards in several categories, creating a powerful tool for casual readers, parents and teachers.

Each level in the book showcases new vocabulary (defined in the glossary), and each new riddle uses a distractor picture related to the words in the riddle but designed to mask the answer and take away the reader's attention. Solving the math problems leads to one of the series of answer keys that helps break the code. Written in both English and Spanish, this engaging book is accessible to its core readers - 7 to 12 years old - but challenging enough to lure teens and adults who love interplay between language, math and riddles.

Author Tommy Reddicks, a school administrator, author and musician, was born in Mesa, Ariz. He channeled his creativity into teaching music for 14 years in public, charter and private schools, and he's now a school principal. The Indianapolis resident earned degrees in music education and administration and enjoys gaming and strategy. His favorite cipher is Caesar's Shift. His daughter, Madeline, was born in Seattle and now lives in Cornwall, UK. She has loved codes and ciphers since she was a child. Madeline is intrigued by artistic forms of language expression and the symbolism of kanji, manga and anime. Her favorite cipher is Peg Pen.

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The Insane Riddle, Code, and Secret Math Book
Tommy Reddicks and Madeline Reddicks
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2863-7 300 pages $27.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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