This June at Bookworks Includes Joy Waldron, Antonya Nelson and More

This June at Bookworks Includes Joy Waldron, Antonya Nelson and More

This June at Bookworks includes many great events such as Joy Waldron, Anyonya Nelson and more. There are also many events for kids like Story Time - Dogs! and more. For more information, visit

Sunday, June 1
3pm • Joy Waldron • Kaiten: Japan's Secret Manned Suicide Submarine And the First American Ship It Sank in WWII
In Nov 1944, deep in the Pacific Ocean, the oiler USS Mississinewa erupted in a ball of flames. Japan's secret weapon, a manned suicide submarine, had succeeded in its first mission.

Tuesday, June 3
7pm • Antonya Nelson • Funny Once
The landscape for these stories is the wide open spaces of Kansas, Texas, NM, and Colorado. The characters are aging, regretting actions both taken and not, & inhabiting their extended adolescences as best they can.

Wednesday, June 4
7pm • Sherri Burr • A Short and Happy Guide to Financial Well Being
Sherri Burr is a Regents Professor of the Law at the University of New Mexico who has published twenty books and hundreds of articles for the general public in newspapers, magazines, and on the web.

Thursday, June 5
7pm • Arthur Sze • Compass Rose
In Arthur Sze's tenth book, the world spins on many points of reference, unfolding with full sensuous detail.

Friday, June 6
7pm • Elizabeth Cohen • The Hypothetical Girl
The Hypothetical Girl captures all the mystery, misery, and magic of the eternal search for human connection.

Saturday, June 7
3pm • Gene Peach • Santa Fe
The pulse of Santa Fe, bursting with colour and creativity, is depicted in this photographic homage to the City Different.

Sunday, June 8
3pm • Ellen Dornan • Wicked Taos
The people of Taos have always displayed a feisty--if not downright insurgent--spirit. Join author Ellen Dornan as she delves into the wicked history of Taos, NM.

Monday, June 9
7pm • Cherrymae Golston • Fiber Artist & Poet Visits Bookworks
Gathering inspiration from history and everyday struggles and joys, fiber artist and poet Cherrymae Golston will read poetry and have art quilts on display for this visual and aural art event. Cherrymae is a Bookworks neighbor.

Tuesday, June 10
7pm • Jim Albrecht • 101 Stupid Haiku
Haiku is a classic style of Japanese poetry consisting of exactly 17 syllables. Albrecht offers a modern-day interpretation of this elegant art form, adding a dash of humor (with a touch of cynicism) along the way.

Thursday, June 12
7pm • Justin Thompson • The Palace Flophouse
Songwriter showcase with Justin Thompson.

Friday, June 13
7pm • T.J. Trout • Fishing With My Fly Down
Radio legend TJ Trout who has fished all over NM and the US, entertains us with fishing stories and advice.

Saturday, June 14
3pm • Denise Low • Melange Block
Poetry. Native American Studies. Denise Low's Melange Block maps a vivid landscape of Native Americans and settlers.

Sunday, June 15
3pm • Dave DeWitt • Precious Cargo
A fascinating story of how western hemisphere foods conquered the globe & saved it from mass starvation, but culinarily as well. Focusing on American foods Dewitt describes how these foreign and often suspect temptations were transported around the world.

Monday, June 16
7pm • Ariel Gore • The End of Eve
At the age of 39, Gore has everything she's always wanted: a successful writing career, a long-term partnership, a beautiful home, a daughter in college and a son in preschool. But life's happy ending don't always last.

Tuesday, June 17
7pm • Andres Armijo • Becoming a Part of My History
A perfect model for anyone interested in knowing about themselves and their world through research into genealogy and photographic collections.

Wednesday, June 18
7pm • Cipriano Vigil • New Mexico Folk Music
This bilingual panoramic book presents the songs that are Vigil's life's work, spanning half a century of listening, playing, composing, and singing ritual, social, and dance music.

Thursday, June 19
7pm • Santino Rivera, Art Meza • Lowriting
The Albuquerque presentation of Lowriting will includes readings from Andrea Serrano, Richard Vargas, Manuel Gonzales, and Angelo Sandoval.

Saturday, June 21
2pm • Lynne Branard at the Cravin' Cookies Bakery
10241 4th NW • The Art of Arranging Flowers
A moving and eloquent novel about love, grief, renewal-and the powerful language of flowers. Ruby Jewell knows flowers. In her twenty years as a florist she has stood behind the counter at the Flower Shoppe with her faithful dog, putting together the perfect arrangement for any occasion.

Saturday, June 21
3pm • Jerry Redfern & Karen Coates • Eternal Harvest
The authors spent more than seven years traveling in Laos, talking to farmers, scrap-metal hunters, people who make and use tools from UXO, people who hunt for death beneath the earth and render it harmless.

Sunday, June 22
3pm • Courtney White • Grass, Soil & Hope
What can we do about the seemingly intractable challenges confronting all of humanity today, including climate change, global hunger, water scarcity, environmental stress, and economic instability?

Tuesday, June 24
7pm • Katy Butler • Knocking on Heaven's Door
Journalist Katy Butler was living thousands of miles from her aging parents when the call came: her father had suffered a crippling stroke. Katy and her mother joined the more than 28 million Americans who are shepherding loved ones through their final declines.

Thursday, June 26
7pm • Lama Kathy Wesley • Buddhism in the 21st Century
Buddhism, particularly Tibetan Buddhism, seems mysterious and foreign to many Americans. How can the ancient teachings help with difficult, or even daily, circumstances of modern life?