'The Poe Consequence' Awarded The Supernatural Thriller Book of the Year

'The Poe Consequence' Awarded The Supernatural Thriller Book of the Year

After the death of an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting, two rival street gangs fall prey to an Edgar Allan Poe inspired vow of revenge from beyond the grave.

In a section of Los Angeles near Dodger Stadium, two rival gangs rule the streets. For the Alvarado Street Diablos, it's been a year since the murder of one of their closest members at the hands of their sworn enemy, the North Rampart Lobos. A drive-by killing in his honor is planned, but things go wrong and an innocent bystander is the victim. Several hours later the one who pulled the trigger suffers a horrifying death, caused by something never before seen in its uniqueness. Many more such cases follow, all involving only these two gangs among the hundreds throughout the city. And each death occurs at the same time of day, the exact same time of day. What can these two enemies do to survive against an unstoppable power intent on their mutual destruction? How is a gang-hating young boy's attempt to save the life of a gang member tied into preventing a loved one's soul from eternal damnation? What does a mysterious psychic's prophecy conveyed earlier in New Orleans have to do with all of this?

Exploring both the darkness and hope that define our emotions, "The Poe Consequence" integrates social and ethnic divisions through acts of fate and supernatural horror for the reader to observe and imagine.

"The Poe Consequence" is available in print and ebook format.

Book Information:
The Poe Consequence
Author: Keith Steinbaum
Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 978-1458201621
Pages: 325
Genre: Supernatural thriller

About The Author:
As a professional lyricist, Keith Steinbaum co-wrote songs that have been heard throughout the world. His poetry has been published in various anthologies, and he received an International Poet of Merit award from the International Society of Poets. "The Poe Consequence" is Steinbaum's first novel.

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