THE PFURST FAMILY DIARIES by Richard Soares is Available Now

THE PFURST FAMILY DIARIES by Richard Soares is Available Now

"The Pfurst Family Diaries" by Richard Soares is a wacky, irreverent look at America's growing political-financial complex run amok.

The satire follows the Pfurst family as they attempt to restore America's efficiency by capturing the White House and merging military, industrial and political might into one giant corporation known as a Teracorp, headed by a Supreme Executive Officer (SEXO). Hilarious misadventures ensue, as the family begins to realize that solving America's problems isn't as simple as it seems.

By telling the story of a nation heading down the wrong path, Soares encourages readers to reflect on their current political choices.

"From growing up on a ranch during the Great Depression to working on the Hill both socially and in business, I was made painfully aware of the devastating inequalities of our society," Soares said. "These have only been exacerbated by the political-financial coziness in Washington.

"The book is a candid tale of those who rule and those who stumble along behind loudly proclaiming their diminishing importance in a world in which quick solutions for the many equal fat profits for the few."

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"The Pfurst Family Diaries"
By Richard Soares
ISBN: 978-1-45821-081-4
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

About the author
Richard Soares was born in Oakland, California. He lived for many years in New York City and Washington, DC. Soares now resides in Dewey, Arizona, with his wife, Adela, and a herd of wild javelinas.

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