THE EYES OF MAREGE and KERA PUTIH, THE WHITE MONKEY by Julie Janson Are Now Available as an e-Book

SYDNEY, Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ The history of boats arriving in Australia's north is an ancient one. To understand the present we must learn about the past...

Two plays by Julie Janson, now available as an e book. "The Eyes of Marege" is a love story between cultures and across seas. A powerful tale of friendshipand the meeting of Indonesian Makassan traders with Yolgnu Aboriginal people in northern Australia. This play was produced at the Ozasia Festival in Adelaide and at the Studio Sydney Opera House in Sydney. The languages are Indonesian, English and Yolngu mata.

The play was written with the support of The Australia Council for the Arts, the Australia Indonesia Institute and Asialink.

This play celebrates the cultural exchange between an Islamic people ( the Makassans from Sulawesi, Indonesia) and the Yolngu Aboriginal people of north east Arnhemland in the Northern Territory of Australia.This play is perfect for school children and all adults. It teaches about love for your neighbour, celebration of religious and cultural difference in history.

"A beautiful simplicity illuminates the complexities tackled by "The Eyes of Marege" in movement, music, words. It's cross cultural themes embrace race, religion, relationships, government bureaucracy, community and tribal loyalties. there is humour and sadness, birth and death. it's span is epic... there is no neat conclusion to the story. one can assume that two happy relationships have been split apart, along with a trade communication between cultures that survived even a killing, through mutual respect..." Jill Sykes ,Sydney Morning Herald 8/10/07

The second play in this e book is "Kera Putih, the White Monkey". This play is about Bali and animal rescue and the Ramayana story from Indonesia.The play combines traditional and contemporary drama forms from Indonesia to encourage an appreciation of Indonesia for children. The story tells of a meeting between an Australian girl and a Balinese boy and their discovery of the epic Ramayana tale. jigsawTheatre company in Canberra showcased the play in Canberra with the Ambassador of Indonesia in attendance. The play toured schools ,in Victoria reaching 6,000 children. The children meet during school holidays in Bali and find a white monkey locked in a cage. They team up to rescue the animal who turns out to be the sacred incarnation of the God Hanuman. The children are taken on a journey through the magical world of the great Ramayana epic.

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