Susan Kruger Shares Her Story in Debbie Phillips' WOMEN ON FIRE VOLUME 2

Susan Kruger Shares Her Story in Debbie Phillips' WOMEN ON FIRE VOLUME 2

For Susan Kruger, it wasn't hard to take on the "Mama Bear" persona to stand up for her son when she recognized that he was battling ADHD. It was simply something she had to do. Not only was Kruger's son suffering in spite of educators and doctors who failed to validate his situation, but his pain was also acutely personal and familiar to her.

As a child, Kruger had also struggled with learning challenges until she was eventually "saved" by one savvy teacher who gave her some tips for organizing her homework. That one moment changed her life, boosted her self-esteem, and started a chain of self-initiated events that have positioned her today as an international success story.

She's now sharing her story in Debbie Phillips' "Women on Fire Volume 2: 21 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle)" (Women on Fire Media, January 2014). Specifically, Kruger's contribution to this latest treasury is Chapter 10 "Will No One Help Me?" Here, she recounts the painstaking difficulties of convincing others that her child had ADHD not some discipline problem at home. Simply getting teachers and health care practitioners to believe her was an enormous challenge but one she felt driven to undertake.

"My whole life, including this singular scenario with my son, has been this incredible journey shaped by very personal experiences with ADHD," says Kruger, who is an author, consultant, and founder of the award-winningSOAR Study Skills, which provides books, kits and multimedia tools for improving study skills and overcoming learning challenges. "As a co-author for the second book in the 'Women on Fire' series, I'm striving to empathize with parents who are walking this same road with their ADHD child. I'm also striving to give them hope. Despite what they may think or feel, real solutions and support are within their reach."

"Women on Fire Volume 2" is a powerful collection of 21 courageous women who share their stories of heartache, loss and discovery, specifically how they've overcome tough odds to find freedom, compassion and joy. Created by executive coach Debbie Phillips, this second book is an extension of Phillips' first best-selling book, "Women on Fire." It is also a motivational tool that's tied to her Women on Fire organization, which provides the inspiration, strategies and support women need to live the life of their dreams.

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