Sherry Cottle Graham Releases BLOOD BROTHERS

Sherry Cottle Graham Releases BLOOD BROTHERS

Author Sherry Cottle Graham takes readers back to a time when the spiritual leaders held the ability to move through the various realms of the Spirit World that are currently discredited by societies in Blood Brothers. Readers will travel into many different worlds with these young healers. They will experience a wide variety of emotions while they are on this amazing journey with these blood brothers as they spy on these ancient giants and learn the secrets of the universe and discover who these giants were that carved their initials into their country, and who have ultimately been lost and forgotten over time.

This book is a historical/fiction/fantasy novel about the three different races of people who lived on the North American continent over two and a half thousand years ago. It is centered on these giant Allewegi (Adena), Choctaw (American Indian), and the Wakie Wisag (Hopewell) tribes and their powerful shamans that ruled over them.

Laurel is a gifted old medicine woman who is training Pontiac, and the three blood brothers: Coahoma, Moki, and Fala to be her successors. Pontiac is much older than the three younger boys and he has learned many powerful rituals. One morning, he performs a ritual on a dying wolf and invites its spirit to unite with his. After this is complete, Laurel discovers that Pontiac is possessed by a giant white sorcerer named: Lugh. She quickly sees that Lugh's spirit is too strong for Pontiac to control. She also learns that Morrigan, Lugh's wife, has taken possession of a young girl named: Tiponi. She knows that Morrigan is using this child to watch her husband, and to plot her revenge against them.

Dahey, Lugh's son, seeks the assistance of Prince Sangann, who is betrothed to his sister: Ethane'. Prince Sangann gathers a band of his elite warriors to travel to this remote village to find this Choctaw medicine man who houses Lugh's spirit.

In the meantime, to learn the secrets of these fair haired witches, the blood brothers slide into the Spirit World and astro travel into their village to spy on Morrigan. When Coahoma sees her daughter, Ethane', he falls in love with her.

Blood Brothers reminds readers that there are powerful spiritual forces around that they can tap into for healing and for their spiritual growth. It challenges the current views of the people who existed in North America approximately two and a half thousand years ago - approximately 300 BC. It is a controversial subject but the latest evidence supports that these early inhabitants were a combination of Kelts (Celts) and Japanese. Even though this volume appears to be fantasy, it is in fact based in truth.

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