Scifi Publishing Releases Top Selling Audiobooks of 2013

With several new audiobooks out in 2013, Scifi Publishing lists its top selling audiobooks of the year.

Top Selling Available Audiobooks for 2013 include:
#1 Space Adventure: Bitter Glory by top scifi author Jay Alan. This story is the prequel for the best selling Crimson Glory saga. Masterfully narrated to bring this to life how space combat hero of the Alliance began his command journey, this audiobook comes in first.

#2 Zombie Thriller: Colony Z by Luke Sheppard. It's no surprise that with well defined characters, incredible narration that this audiobook comes in on top in our sales. This story of how a group of survivors struggle to make it during a Zombie Apocalypse has action, emotion, suspense and twists and turns all in one comes in a close second.

#3 Christian Fantasy: Realm Shift by top author James Somers. This story is Book 1 of the Realm Shift Saga. Here Ethan journey into a world where he is hunted by demons and destruction that work to stop him from fulfilling his destiny. With highly engaging narration, this audiobook comes in third.

#4 Post Apocalyptic: "Damians" by bestselling author Massimo Marino. With great narration, this audiobook telling of one man's journey into a world where almost everyone has disappeared without a trace comes in fourth.

#5 Post Apocalyptic: "Down the Path" by Travis Mohrman, this gripping story of 22 year old Cooper's journey outside, following the collapse of civilization with solid narration comes in fifth.

#6 Christian Fantasy: "Fallen" by author James Somers. Book 1 of the best selling series features 17 year old Brody West's discovery of a world where fallen angels with strange powers exists. With well voiced narration, this audiobook comes in sixth.

#7 Scifi Thriller: "Little Green Men" by bestselling author Peter Cawdron. The thrilling story of space explorers that are mysteriously attacked one by one on a frozen planet with great narration and special effects comes in seventh.

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