Ricky Herring Releases New Christian Science Fiction Novel, THE JOSIAH CHRONICLES

Ricky Herring Releases New Christian Science Fiction Novel, THE JOSIAH CHRONICLES


Three young men decide they can get rich quick when they hear a story about a creature resembling a bigfoot being seen in a nearby swamp. They are Josiah Jones, a religious man with a temper; Paul Henry, a dull man who loves money, even though he doesn't have any; and Lenny Rogers, who loves to drink, gamble and chase women. As this new science fiction novel reveals, they capture the creature, who turns out to be a being from another world. They begin having second thoughts and instead of getting rich, they find themselves drawn into a 500-year-old Indian legend.

In "The Josiah Chronicles," the three friends end up on another planet and discover that God has become part of the lives, philosophies and institutions in that place as well as their own beloved Earth. Instead of a simple visit, they soon experience all-out conflict as belief wars against atheism, and the result will have far-reaching implications for the alien world. The final chapters of the book relay Josiah's final - and greatest - adventure. Set in southeast Alabama in 1975 and 2030 and the planet Droz, this imaginative novel features rich dialogue and vivid description set against the backdrop of the message of God's love.

Author Ricky Herring, a guidance counselor at George W. Long High School, grew up in southeast Alabama listening to fascinating tales. He also served as a teacher in the Dale County (Alabama) school system, generally teaching history. Herring has read hundreds of works about history, politics and religion, as well as studying the Bible, which led him to appreciate Christian honor and how it has supported civilization. He and his family live in Skipperville.

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The Josiah Chronicles
Ricky Herring
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2461-5 PB 372 pages $14.99 US
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2486-8 HB 372 pages $23.99 US
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2763-0 eBook $8.99 US

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