Preorder NIGHTCRAWLERS by Tim Curran

Preorder NIGHTCRAWLERS by Tim Curran

Preorder the Kindle edition of Tim Curran's latest novel, Nightcrawlers, at Amazon for only $3.99 and you'll get $3 off the cover price. Once it's released on March 4, 2014, it'll be $6.99. Get it automatically delivered to your Kindle on 3/4. Also, the paperback edition is also available to preorder at a discount.

200 years ago, the village of Clavitt Fields was burned to the ground. It was hoped that what lived there had perished in the fire. But they did not perish. They went underground...

For generations, they lived and bred in darkness, adapting themselves to a subterranean existence. Now they are rising to the surface, and what they've become is a horror beyond belief, a crawling nightmare of evil and bloodthirsty violence bent on destruction.

The night is alive...and it belongs to them.

NIGHTCRAWLERS, the horrifying new novel from master of suspense Tim Curran.

About the Author

Tim Curran lives in Michigan and is the author of the novels Skin Medicine, Hive, Dead Sea, Resurrection, The Devil Next Door, and Biohazard, as well as the novella The Corpse King. His short stories have appeared in such magazines as City Slab, Flesh&Blood, Book of Dark Wisdom, and Inhuman, and anthologies such as Shivers IV, High Seas Cthulhu, and Vile Things.

For DarkFuse and its imprints, he has written the bestselling The Underdwelling, the Readers Choice-Nominated novella Fear Me, Puppet Graveyard as well as Long Black Coffin (coming in December 2012).

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