New Spy Thriller 'A Call to Prayer' is Released

New Spy Thriller 'A Call to Prayer' is Released

Ricin, unmanned drones, Al Qaeda operatives and suicide bombers, these things of today's headlines are distilled into the pages of author M. Jules Bevans' new character-driven spy thriller, "A Call to Prayer." Based on the modern war on terror, yet set in the ancient backdrops of Istanbul, Athens and Cairo, and following an unlikely protagonist - an English teacher - who is thrust into the company of CIA spooks and jihadists, this tale is a kinetic page turner that promises to take readers on a wild ride they will never forget.

Mehmet's completely ordinary day job is teaching English in a private boys' school in Istanbul, but his long-standing association to terrorist Ali Bin Shah ram catches the attention of Turkish intelligence and the CIA. They force him to become a double agent, and his handler, Josie, teaches him the craft of spying. Their relationship, however, becomes a more personal one as he also teaches her the lessons of love even as he is trained to infiltrate a terrorist organization. As Mehmet's mission proceeds, it also grows ever more complicated, and dangerous. He must choose who he will betray, his friend, or the woman he has come to care for. Along the way, the plot twists and turns, taking readers from the cobblestoned streets of Istanbul to the back alleys of Athens and Cairo, to the safe houses in Yemen, and terrorist plots aimed at the Paris metro, the American Embassy in Madrid, and the New York Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

"A Call to Prayer" is a rollercoaster of action and emotion as readers will watch the protagonists as they are moved by the intense events taking place around them, as well as by the emotions driving them to decide their allegiances and convictions. Fans of the spy thriller genre, and casual readers alike, will find this book to be a highly gripping literary experience.

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