New Religious Fantasy Novel is Released

New Religious Fantasy Novel is Released

John Stephens, the prolific author of several books including nine small Christian books of biblical plays, releases a new Christian fantasy novel, titled "Peter and the Snow White Dove." Stephens' inspiration and mission was to write a religious fantasy novel that can be enjoyed by all ages, whether by Christians or not-yet-Christians, giving occasional pause for thought.

Taking its cue from religious and biblical teachings, the novel's main character is Peter, a young farmer who speaks to God (the Great King) but is not yet a true believer. The Great King is a kind ruler who loves all his creation and works for their good. Peter is sent on various adventures by the King, and is aided by the other main character, Snowy, a dove called who is synonymous with the Holy Spirit.

"Peter and the Snow White Dove" has a light touch, with humour, and can be understood by even small children if read to them. It has a compelling message that has always been relevant for the past two millennia. In all Peter and Snowy's adventures, God's presence is suggested. Christians will recognize it at once, non-believers will do so eventually. It is a pleasurable and amusing tale that never fails to share a few insightful thoughts on faith.

Other books by Stephens under the same publisher and available through different online retailers include: "With Peace in Mind," "Without Doubt," "Large Crumbs of Comfort," and "Playtime for Truth."

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