New Interactive Book OVERCOMING AN IMPERFECT BOSS is Released

New Interactive Book OVERCOMING AN IMPERFECT BOSS is Released

Bosses. Most adults have one, even those who are themselves bosses. Whatever their management style-from Don Draper to Michael Scott to Cruella De Vil-they're the object of scrutiny, respect (sometimes) and misunderstanding (often).

The employee-supervisor relationship is the top predictor of employee engagement and satisfaction. But most of us follow the traditional protocol when it comes to our boss: say little, don't rock the boat, and stay out of the way.

Investing the time and energy in building a healthy relationship with the boss-flaws and all-can bring great professional and even personal rewards, says leadership expert Karin Hurt, whose book "Overcoming an Imperfect Boss: A Practical Guide to Building a Better Relationship with Your Boss" is now available on

The book includes Hurt's informed advice on building a great employee-supervisor relationship along with challenging situations (delivering bad news, making a persuasive case) and behaviors (moodiness, disengagement). Other chapters deal with such topics as healthy boundaries, and dealing with an abusive boss.

Both the idea and the content are grounded in Hurt's experience as a Fortune 15 executive and her work with leadership topics. She blogs and oversees a thriving community at, and has been named a 2014 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business and the 2013 Multiplier of the Year. Hurt has degrees in communication from Wake Forest University and Towson University.

"Overcoming an Imperfect Boss" is drawing high praise from other top names in the leadership field. "Hurt's book is chock full of specific and useful tips, that could only have come from someone deeply versed in the fickle realties of leadership," says Bill Treasurer, bestselling author and founder of Giant Leap Consulting. "A quick read that lasts a lifetime," adds Dan Rockwell, author of "Leadership Freak."

A sample chapter of "Overcoming an Imperfect Boss" is available on this page of To learn more about "Overcoming an Imperfect Boss," order a copy, and take part in special launch-week activities and discussions, visit

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