New Book Gives In-depth Review On Effects of War

August 31
5:26 2014
New Book Gives In-depth Review On Effects of War

In his book "The History of Strategic Thought" (published by Xlibris UK) author Philip Goodall has written a review of the historical background of the wars throughout human history. It ranges from the ancient battle strategies of the Greek Phalanxes and Roman battle formations to the ingenious battlefield maneuvers and logistics that won the Second World War.

This highly-detailed book on war gives readers a multi-faceted account on what it takes to wage a war and how to ultimately prevent it. It cites the careers of legendary generals such as Alexander, Hannibal, Julius Cesar and Napoleon to show how they achieved total victory in both battlefield and political settings. This book also encompasses the economic side of warfare and shows how a good economy and supply line could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

This book also gives readers an in-depth and sobering look at the casualties and costs of war. "The History of Strategic Thought" was primarily created by the author to show readers the effects of war and how it has shaped human history.


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