Naomi Tickle Releases Book to Help Improve Relationships

August 6
7:11 2014
Naomi Tickle Releases Book to Help Improve Relationships

Petaluma, CA

What does your face reveal about your character? Career and Personality Assessment Profile (CAPA) founder Naomi Tickle exposes a new angle of Facial Pattern Recognition and its auspicious potential to promote better rapport between couples and among professional colleagues. Her newly-released book, "WHO AM I, WHO ARE YOU" (published by Xlibris) reveals how conscious knowledge of certain personal traits may guide people in achieving success in any kind of special relationship.

"The structure of the face indicates both our strengths and challenges. Many of these traits can be seen at the time of birth such as writing genius, music talent, perfectionism, keenness to detail, designer aptitude and many more," Tickle claims. Extensive research surrounding this case reveals 88% accuracy and has been found to apply across all cultures. "'WHO AM I, WHO ARE YOU' discusses some of the key traits that will help couples to better understand themselves and their partner," she adds.

Tickle's previous efforts revolved around using Face Pattern Recognition (FPR) to help people improve career decisions. With "WHO AM I, WHO ARE YOU," she shifts her focus on using FPR for augmenting human connection and reinforcing success in relationships. This intriguing approach was realized after two years of feed backing and careful observation from the people she met with; majority of which showed a significant positive response to the FPR assessment.


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