Nancy Christie Designates 12/21 as 'Celebrate Short Fiction' Day

As the number of smartphones, iPhones, Kindles and other eReaders, tablets, iPads and other portable devices soars, the public's appetite for intriguing and entertaining material to read on them is growing. This has led to a resurgence in the popularity of short stories in general, both in print and digital forms. With that in mind, author Nancy Christie, has designated December 21, 2013 as "Celebrate Short Fiction" Day to recognize the rebirth of short story reading as a highly popular form of personal entertainment.

"December 21 marks both the start of winter and the shortest day of the year," says Christie. "So why not take advantage of the long winter night to curl up with a good short story?"

As predicted by Pixel Hall Press, "the market for short stories and novellas is about to experience a renaissance. The length of a story is going to become irrelevant. All that will matter is whether it's a great story that captures the readers' interest and imagination." Whether readers choose to enjoy it on an e-reader or prefer the tactile pleasure of turning the pages, the result is the same: a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from reading a complete, beautifully crafted story in one sitting. So, this holiday season, Ms. Christie challenges us to read a new short story and discover a new-to-you author.


For those readers on your gift list who will be receiving e-readers, Pixel Hall Press has these suggestions for great inexpensive gifts to add to the device. The following stories are only 99 cents each. Less than a latte, and far more satisfying!

"Annabelle" by Nancy Christie. A lyrical portrait of a young woman, the daughter of a painter and his devoted model. Their obsession with the creation of art binds the family and twists the soul of a child.

"Honor" by Daniel Grotta. What is it to be honorable? In the eyes of others? In your own heart? Is it what you've done or who you are? This novella (with flashback to the Vietnam War era) explores the human cost when patriotism, personal ethics and the deep bond of friendship collide.

"Cautionary Tales for the New Millenium" by Eric Nielson, illustrated by Jay Munro. A droll, slightly jaundiced look at contemporary morés, this mini collection of very short illustrated stories reaches below the funny bone to expose insights and truths about who we are and what we are becoming.

"The Broken Bottle" by Sally Wiener Grotta. A suburban wife's perceptions of life and self-awareness are irreparably altered when she witnesses a brief but vivid moment of violence in downtown Chinatown.

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