Military Novel 'War and Destiny' is Released

Military Novel 'War and Destiny' is Released

TotalRecall Publications announced today the publication of 'War and Destiny,' a new historical, military adventure novel by retired Air Force author George Mavro. The story is set during Hitler's strategic drive through the Balkans and Greece to reach the rich oil fields of the Mid East.

Over 30 historic photos of Nazi and British soldiers, paratroopers, planes, and ships in and over Greece give an authentic feel to the story. The novel gives fascinating insights into an often neglected part of World War II history.

Mavro uses his military experience in the Balkans and knowledge of the region from advanced degrees in Government and International Relations to immerse readers in the gritty realism of the struggle for the Greece Islands during 1940-1941. His young protagonist also gets action in the daring intrigues of "Wild Bill Donovan's" Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of today's CIA.

The story opens as the young New Yorker, Markos Androlakis, visits the island of Crete in the summer of 1940 for a sabbatical. Unwittingly, he puts himself on a trajectory to test the fates of destiny. War engulfs the tiny peaceful nation of Greece, and the Greek army does its best to hold off Italy's Fascist hordes. Markos soon finds himself on the Greek and Allied side of the war while he fights for survival and for the liberation of his ancestral homeland.

On May 20, 1941, Germany launched Operation Merkur (Mercury), the largest airborne invasion in history, to capture the strategic island of Crete from the Allies. Markos is tasked by the Allied commander to help evacuate the Hellenic King to the island's south coast for transport to safety by the Royal Navy.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Markos, the Nazi Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler has dispatched a ruthless SS officer, Georg Mueller, to capture the King and return him to Germany. Markos manages to evacuate the king and journeys to Egypt. In Cairo he's recruited into the US army and the COI - which would soon become the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, under the leadership of "Wild Bill Donovan." Markos returns to America to help organize a cadre of Greek American agents to help the Greek resistance fight the ruthless and bloody Nazi occupation.

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