Michael Markey Releases Latest Book, 'Casaday Girls, Book 2: The Creature Returns'

"Your next adventure awaits." Nemesis Dunbro Lasnikov expresses these words in a cryptic parting email at the close of "Book 1: Super Kids." Preteen superheroes Alexa and Rachael Casaday now face unfinished business in "Casaday Girls, Book 2: The Creature Returns" by Michael Markey. What happened to the elusive victim at Stamford Lake, Isaac Fromme? Lasnikov reveals that the expiring old gentleman lies in a dank labyrinth beneath the crumbling factory, trapped in the forbidding structure that nearly cost the Casadays their lives only days ago.

Assisted by their Grandfather Martin McGuireanother family member with a few powers of his ownthe Casaday sisters return to the abandoned building and, beyond the great blue door they enter a secret portal and descend to the dark crypt below. The searchers rescue the debilitated Mr. Fromme from his resting place of captivity, a crude pine coffin. Hmm...could old Isaac be a vampire?

After a few days of rehab with his enigmatic physician, Dr. Edwin Rothschild, the girls visit with Fromme, concerned about his health and welfare. They discover Isaac is a natural scientist of sortsand a "good" vampire, not the bloodthirsty killer typeresearching the presence of a grotesque creature recently sighted (by him) in the area. Locals think his subject was a legendary beast, the terrifying product of South Jersey folklore. Alexa is also tuned in to the existence of this so-called monster through her communication with the local four-legged creatures, one superpower she inherited from her mother. Fromme is convinced the flying behemoth is in truth a misunderstood freak of nature sadly facing extinction. Misguided neighborhood youths believe otherwise and the "Frankensteinian" hunt begins. Only the superpowers of the Casaday girls will protect and free the creature, and his family, from death at the hands of their adversaries.

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