Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh Release FOOD WARS

Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh Release FOOD WARS

Bishopton, Scotland

From the author team of Mairi McLellan and Shadi Hamadeh comes "Food Wars" (published by AuthorHouse), a thrilling new science fiction novel that challenges the way readers think about food and obesity.

"Between us, we decided to write a sci-fi story for young teens about the present global food system and how it is destroying so many things; not only the earth's ecosystem and our health, but also our ability to identify what is real and good food," explains McLellan.

Philip McGregor is used to being stared at and bullied at school. The obese teenager who often eats three cheeseburgers for lunch, goes by the name of Porky at school, but a collapse in the school canteen sends Philip straight to the hospital. While being treated, Philip wanders out into the hospital garden, drawn inexplicably to a sunflower with a secret to tell him.

Philip learns that he is one of eight Keepers from different continents with the power to communicate with animals, plants, and birds. Together, these Keepers must save the earth from the Food Masters who have been distorting global food systems and causing the value of food to drastically decrease.

"The novel tells of how the modern industrialized global food system is dictating how food is grown, processed, and sold to a world that is losing touch with what real food is like," says McLellan. "Today's society is increasingly being seduced and brainwashed into believing that there is no other option but to follow the trend of the masses and consume commercially processed or fast food. The industry behind this kind of food is destroying our health and our land. The younger generation, in particular, need to heed the warning that unless we engage in a Food War of our own, we will be the losers."