Like Walking Dead? 'Zombiez!', A New Take On The Zombie Apocalypse Now Available

February 11
7:36 2013

Like Walking Dead?  'Zombiez!', A New Take On The Zombie Apocalypse Now Available

Bard and Book author, OJ Wolfsmasher has released his latest book, the "Zombiez!" a black humor take on a zombie apocalypse story revolving around eight seemingly random people who take shelter in a creepy chapel in the middle of the woods. The story reveals the depths of the human condition trying to survive the horrors of a zombie invasion while dealing with of lawsuits, bribery, guns, drugs, marital affairs and other human-induced evils.

In a blog post, Wolfsmasher says that the book is about "two diametrically opposed ways to react to people and the evil that they do. For some, they meet evil with more evil. For others, they meet it with a frustrated sense of responsibility while trying to save people (mostly from themselves)." The idea of Lovecraft meets TV show Lost comes to mind. Wolfsmasher adds "I also wanted to work out some of my beefs with Lovecraft (pretty clear that he hated people), current zombie culture (it should be a rule that dead things do not jump), and about seven different stereotypical subtypes of US humans. Once I start working out beefs, it's pretty hard for me to stop. I've got a frightening amount of them."

Zombiez! is available for download on Smashwords and also for the Kindle.


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