Liberty University Press Publishes Work on Imagery in the Bible

July 10
9:06 2013

Liberty University Press Publishes Work on Imagery in the Bible

Liberty University Press recently published Dr. Sam Hoyt's "Facing Life's Greatest Challenges: Compelling Word Pictures from the New Testament that Impact Our Lives Today." This book examines 13 New Testament word pictures of the Christian life.

Throughout the Bible, analogies are used to depict the Christian life and provide readers with insight on how to deal with everyday challenges such as conflict, self-worth, purity, and materialism. The Bible compares Christians to a variety of pictures, including an athlete, a soldier, and a temple to explain key principles and lessons that teach the godly way of living.

"Balance in the Christian life is difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain. We constantly battle the peril of the pendulum - going from one extreme to the other," Hoyt said. "But when these 13 pictures of the Christian life are viewed together, they give us a balanced, panoramic view of our Christian walk. To emphasize one truth or a few truths at the neglect of the rest can lead us into frustration and failure."

This book is perfect for personal and group study, Sunday school curriculum, or as part of a sermon series. Questions are provided at the end of each of the thirteen chapters for personal reflection or group discussion. "Facing Life's Greatest Challenges" can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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