LOUD & CLEAR by Luke Marusiak is Released

July 11
7:22 2014
LOUD & CLEAR by Luke Marusiak is Released

Morgan Hill, CA

Author Luke Marusiak first came into the publishing arena with his debut novel, "Marx & Ford." This first book follows the lives of twins who are similar in every way, until they grow distant in their beliefs and the paths they take, grappling with the consequences of their choices. Now, Marusiak returns with an even more engaging and grander second installment, titled "Loud & Clear" (published by Xlibris).

Marusiak's historical fiction follows the military exploits of Hank Rudzinski. Hank always wanted to be a hero. He finds Amy, a partner in his quest, and joins the Army. From Pennsylvania to West Germany, from a Georgia Army Post to a Mississippi Air Force Base, from an Infantry Division in Missouri to the deserts of Iraq in the Gulf War of 1991, they realize that heroes are made of something different than rank or medals. They also discover that great causes bring out the best but also the very worst of people.


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