Janene Grant Releases TEN PLAYFUL PANDAS

Janene Grant Releases TEN PLAYFUL PANDAS

According to, the panda is arguably one of the most appealing mammals on earth. It is related to other bear species, but genetic research suggests a split about 40,000 years ago, that resulted in the animal having an elongated wrist bone similar to a thumb. The giant panda is listed as endangered in the World Conservation Union's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Species.

"Ten Playful Pandas" by author Janene Grant is a colorful and informative read that will allow children to count their way through the story and remember specific things about pandas. More than just a storybook, it serves as a counting book for young children (3-6 years old) using the Chinese Giant Panda as the subject.

Written primarily for a Chinese audience, this book will also appeal to Western children as well as it provides factual information about pandas. The author has used an authentic approach in its very appealing illustrations to reflect a Chinese countryside. Filled with rhythm and rhyme, it is designed to encourage readers' interaction and also provides a section at the back of the book for children to practice writing numbers in English and Chinese. This book allows an opportunity for children to discover friends hiding in the illustrations and every page encourages lots of counting.

A fun, exciting and enjoyable read for children, "Ten Playful Pandas" is part of a large project that is designed to provide resources for young children learning the English language. An accompanying book, "Playful Panda's ABC" is also now available to assist learners of English as an additional language throughout Asia. This book has been designed to be a teacher resource as well. In addition, the Chinese version of "Ten Playful Pandas" is also now available.

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