Jack Bentley Releases New Book, FROM 'AM I?' TO 'I AM!'

February 26
10:27 2013

Jack Bentley Releases New Book, FROM 'AM I?' TO 'I AM!'

Inspiration for souls seeking the truth continues to be the goal of author Jack Bentley, who takes readers further onto the path of spiritual enlightenment and ascension with his new book. "Sometimes, reading a profoundly inspiration message stirs something deep within and causes a complete change of direction for the seeking soul," he writes in the book's preface, encouraging others to expand their consciousness and allow God the Father to build on foundational truths. In effect, knowing one's deeper self leads to deeper truth from the source of all that is.

"Teachings from Beyond the Veil - Volume III: From "Am I?" to "I Am!" reads like a spiritual diary, as Bentley presents messages he's received directly from the Father or others of his spirit helpers. Bentley became an ordained minister in 1960 when he heard the voice of God speaking directly to him, experiencing life-saving miracles and hearing other spirit-world voices, since 1955. Although he has turned from the practice of traditional denominational religion, Bentley includes Bible scripture that relates to the messages he's trying to relay. He implores readers to listen, write down and review deeper thoughts (messages) they are receiving daily, and try to live by them, whether the subject is proper thankfulness toward Mother Gaia, giving up animal products or sharing light-energy: All provide a form of enlightenment on the path of personal spiritual growth.

This is the third book for author Jack Bentley, who also wrote "The Last Enemy: Teachings from Beyond the Veil" and "Awakening Gods" Teachings from Beyond the Veil Volume II." Bentley grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey, and began reading the Bible when he was 7. His deeper spiritual awareness began a few years later while visiting a little country church in Tennessee. Bentley took evening college courses at the University of Tennessee and later graduated from college in Hawaii while serving in the Air Force.


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