J. Grathmore Stratus III Releases THE ESTRANGED FAMILY

June 9
6:46 2014
J. Grathmore Stratus III Releases THE ESTRANGED FAMILY

New Jersey

Looking through the lens of the family microscope, J. Grathmore Stratus III provides a fresh new perspective to viewing international relations. "The Estrange Family of Abraham's God" presents considerations that seem to be overlooked by many authors attempting to analyze ancient rivalries that continue to shape the history of mankind. In the process, readers and listeners gain insight into their own family matters, along with hope for reconciliation.

The topic of Arab-Israeli and Christian relations often invokes strong emotions and frequent hostility. It entails extremely sensitive subject matter and cuts deep to the essence of religious beliefs, loyalties, and sometimes mortal commitments. Anyone who follows international media realizes that every family on Earth is, or somehow might be, either directly or indirectly affected by a situation that is ever expanding from the Middle East. If visiting from another planet, it might appear as though Earth was inhabited by one very large dysfunctional family. Unlike others who have addressed this issue, J. Grathmore Stratus III does not imply what anyone should believe or what to conclude.

Impeccably researched, grippingly told, filled with interesting ideas, Stratus III's work of non-fiction is a page-turning legal read. It is a book that reveals the other side of international relations - a book that no American can afford to miss.


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