Harry Kendall Dowdy Jr. Releases CRIMSON WATERFALL

Harry Kendall Dowdy Jr. Releases CRIMSON WATERFALL

History is created by the individuals who move through it, whether they experience triumph or tragedy. This new book chronicles the lives and accomplishments of author Harry Kendall Dowdy Jr.'s extended family, covering his direct line and that of six families related to it: Scarboroughs, Clarks, Westons, Wrights, Shivers and Scotts. As well as revealing true personal stories, Dowdy puts his relatives into historical context, describing little-known facts and people from the past.

Dowdy's family contains blood ties from at least three ethnic groups: African-American, Irish and Cherokee, leading to a rich heritage. "Crimson Waterfall: The Story of the Dowdys and Six Related Families" reveals some of that heritage with such stories as how the mulatto son of a white man became a plantation owner and sent many of his 21 children to college; how a university dean and president ended up at the center of first sit-ins at Greensboro, N.C.; and how a man who started high school at the ripe age of 21 went on to become a renowned research scientist.

Readers will learn why Georgia's readmission to the Union after the Civil War was revoked and later reinstated, how the Civil War led to the creation of West Virginia, and the extent of Southern white opposition to the Confederacy. Personal commentaries and more than 35 original poems by the author show the true value of family and its lasting effect on individuals and the world.

Photographs, historic documents, family trees, family medical history, family bloodlines, and a listing of achievements by family members enhance this book, which was 22 years in the making. Dowdy, born and raised in South Carolina, now lives in Mitchellville, Md.

The book is available at; the site contains additional information.

Crimson Waterfall: The Story of the Dowdys and Six Related Families
Harry Kendall Dowdy Jr.
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-2097-6 380 pages $25 US

Also available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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