Great Book Success For Dr. Thaer Elrefai Author of FROM DIVERSITY TO UNITY

February 21
12:13 2013

Great Book Success For Dr. Thaer Elrefai Author of FROM DIVERSITY TO UNITY

Dr. ThaerElrefaiAuthor of "From Diversity to Unity" is still available for interviews and ready for any discussion. Dr. Elrefai is an Ottawa family doctor who has written his story of growing up in a refugee camp in Lebanon, his journey to a humanist vision for world peace and published these stories as a book now available in North America.

"From Diversity to Unity" contains two intertwined stories. First, is the story of how a Palestinian refugee in a camp in Lebanon grew up through many wars, and with hard work, luck and persistence achieved his current position as a family physician in Canada.

The second story is his philosophical journey through the suffering that he endured to a realization of the need for basic human unity. This book is his thoughts on the origins of war, disadvantage, suffering, poverty, and conflicts. The author reminds us that newborns have no religion.

Dr. Elrefai had already five Radio interview and scheduled for more. Here are some of the stations that interviewed Dr. Elrefai:

Date Time ET Station Host Hotline
Mon Jan 28 8:35-8:45AM Talk of Connecticut Brad Davis 860.286.3082 Live Regionally Syndicated in Hartford & Throughout CT

Tues Jan 29 6:35-6:40PM The Drive Home Ernie Brown 877.876.2520 Live Nationally Syndicated to 275 Stations 541.664.4833 America's Radio News Network


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