GraphicAudio Announces New Loyalty Rewards Points System

GraphicAudio Announces New Loyalty Rewards Points System

GraphicAudio decided to create a Loyalty Reward Points system as a way of giving something back to their customers. For example, You can save your Reward Points up to earn a Free Download or CD or just redeem what you have earned towards your next purchase.

Once you have logged into the new GraphicAudio website, you can earn Loyalty Reward Points when placing New Orders on the website. Previous imported orders do not receive Reward Points. You can also earn points by submitting reviews on a title you just listened to, registering for the first time on their new website, signing up for their e-newsletter for the first time, and referring a friend who makes a new purchase from their website

The current points exchange rates:
Each 1 Reward points can be redeemed for $0.01.
Each Whole $1.00 spent will earn 6 Reward points.

Watch the all new GraphicAudio Loyalty Reward Points Explanation Video featuring Dave Coyne and the lovely GraphicAudio Girl, Laura Magnusson. Watch the video now to learn all about the Loyalty Reward Points System.

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